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"[W]ar does not have a discipline to study it - it lies on the seams of the way academia is organized…[So to study war] I think the best skill set is diverse and multidisciplinary. War is a complicated social phenomenon and to understand it, it helps to be able to approach it from different directions."

            -Stephen Biddle

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"Professions deal in expert knowledge. Systematized, scientific bod[ies] of knowledge, theoretical and practical, it takes years to learn, it takes longer to practice...What is the practice of the military professional?  Let me give it to you in one sentence - the repetitive exercise of discretionary judgment...Independent judgments of high moral content."

                  -Don Snider

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Cadet Participation

Effective use of military force requires junior leaders with a broad understanding of strategy.  Army Chief of Staff General Raymond Odierno has recently written that America "demands leaders with the ability to think broadly and critically, aware of the cultural lenses through which their actions will be viewed and cognizant of the potential strategic ramifications of their decisions."

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